Roxi Keogh

Precoce Attiguo


Data di nascita:Gennaio 25, 1988

Paese:Great Britain

Colore degli occhi:blue

Colore dei capelli:red

Altezza:5'6" | 168cm

Taglia reggiseno:30DDD/E (US)| 65G (EU)

Vita:25 | 64

Fianchi:36 | 91

Numero di scarpe:7½ | 38

Ultimi Commenti
  • Whilst tops for her red hair and killer bod, what really sets her apart is the face, particularly those mysterious looking eyes.


    3 mesi fa

  • Roxi has proved right all of us who knew that she would be awesome when she entered the world of porn. As well as achingly beautiful, she is hot, horny and uninhibited. Her solo debut was awesome; I expect her first Girl/Girl scenes to be stunning; and, if she goes for Boy/Girl, which is increasingly likely, she will be one of the best. Can't wait to see more of this amazing beauty.


    1 anno fa